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Visit to Rockingham Monument and Old Holy Trinity Church Wentworth, Rotherham

Date: Thursday 7th July 2022

Time: 13:00

Location: Wentworth

The Rockingham Monument can be seen from Wentworth Woodhouse. It is flanked by four obelisks, brought from the west front of the mansion in 1793 and encircled by an iron railing. Although usually described as a mausoleum, it would be more accurate to call it a cenotaph or tribute. It is of three stages; at ground level there is a walled chamber, the first floor is open-sided but shelters a sarcophagus, and the top storey takes the form of a ring of columns capped by a cupola. Standing in the middle of the chamber of the ground floor is a statue of the Marquis by Nollekens, its pedestal inscribed with epitaphs by Edmund Burke and Montagu. The four niches in the walls contain paired bases for busts, inscribed with the names of Rockingham’s closest friends: Edmund Burke, Charles James Fox, Admiral Keppel, Lord John Cavendish, John Lee, the Duke of Portland, Frederick Montagu and Sir George Saville. The busts themselves (by Nollekens) have been removed for safekeeping.

The event will also include a tour of Old Holy Trinity Church at Wentworth, the crypt of which contains many fascinating features including:

  • the impressive Chest Tomb of 1587 holding the remains of Thomas Wentworth and his wife Margaret Gascoigne.
  • the gravestone of a 13th Century Crossbowman is thought to be one of only three still extant.
  • the monuments of Sir William Wentworth, the first baronet and his wife, the lady Anne, together with their large family (in the centre of his siblings is the armoured figure of the future Earl of Strafford),
  • the Memorial to Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford executed on Tower Hill on 12th May 1641 after Charles I had signed the Bill of Attainder.
  • the Painted Glass Windows include the arms of the 2nd Earl of Strafford and his wife. Her monogram ‘HMS’ can be seen repeatedly both in the windows and the family pew.
  • the two Hatchments those of the 1st Marquis of Rockingham, the builder of Wentworth Woodhouse stately home and of his heir, the 2nd Marquis who became Prime Minister twice in the mid-18th century.
  • the Fitzwilliam Crypt, completed in the early 19th century. Viscount Milton, traveller and author of ‘The Northwest Passage by Land’, an account of his journeys in Canada, is buried here.

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