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De Grey Mausoleum

The chapel is cruciform in plan and abuts the north and east elevations of the chancel of the church. Externally it is quite plain; its interest lies in the great sequence of tombs within, a formidable expression of dynastic pride. Many of these monuments display life-size figures of the persons commemorated, while the huge relief panel, carved by Farrell in memory of the Countess de Grey, shows the entire family grieving by her draped coffin while an angel carries her to heaven.


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Grade I (England and Wales)

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The de Grey mausoleum is more accurately described as a mortuary chapel than a mausoleum. The earliest part of the structure, built c1615, is attached to the north flank of the chancel. It contains the monuments of: Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent (d.1614); Lady Elizabeth Talbot (d.1651); Henry Grey, 10th Earl of Kent (d.1651, monument erected 1658); Lady Jane Hart (d.1671). In 1705 the chapel was extended to the north, south and east making it cruciform in shape. The monuments of Lady Henrietta de Grey (d.1716) and Lord Henry de Grey (d.1717), together with that of Anthony de Grey, Earl of Harrold (d.1723) by John Dowyer, and Lady Mary Gregory (d.1761) are in the north chamber. Those of Lady Amabell de Grey (d.1727) and Lady Anne de Grey (d.1730) are in the crossing. The most sumptuous monument, that of Henry de Grey, Duke of Kent (d.1740) and his two wives, is in the eastern chamber. The figure of the Duke is thought to have been carved by Rysbrack while those of his wives are by Edward Shepherd. Opposite this is the tomb of Philip, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke (d.1790). The south chamber contains two 19th century monuments; those of Henrietta Frances, Countess de Grey (d.1848) by Terence Farrell, and Earl de Grey (d.1859) by Matthew Noble.


Good (2001)


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