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Fitzpatrick Mausoleum

This elegant classical mausoleum is built of smooth Portland stone with a square dome surmounted by a funerary urn decorated with cherubs’ heads. There are recessed segmental arches in three sides of the building and, in the fourth, a doorway under a similar arch. Over the doorway is an inscription plaque carved to look like a swag of cloth on which faint traces of lettering can still be seen.


Not known


Grade II (England and Wales)

Year Built





The Fitzpatricks came from Ireland and belonged to the inner circle of Whig politicians active in the second half of the 18th century. The Hon Richard Fitzpatrick, was the second son of the Richard Fitzpatrick who commanded a man-of-war and was made Baron Gowran, of Gowran, County Kilkenny in 1715. The Hon Richard Fitzpatrick built the mausoleum when his wife died aged 30 in 1759. According to Burke’s Genealogical History of Dormant or Extinct Peerages she was Anne, the daughter of a Mr Usher of London. The name on the mausoleum is now worn away but the inscription, which was transcribed in 1833, referred to her as Susanna and not Anne. What both sources do agree on, however, is the date of her death, 1759. Subsequently other members of the family were also interred in the mausoleum.

The small park now known as St Marylebone Gardens was formerly a burial ground belonging to the old St Marylebone Church. It was closed in 1885 and made into a recreation ground. Although most of the tombs were removed at that time, the mausoleum was retained on account of its fine design.


Good (2005)


Burke’s Genealogical History of Dormant or Extinct Peerages (1866);

Oliver Bradbury, ‘Maverick Marylebone: The Tomb that Stayed: Fitzpatrick Mausoleum, Paddington Street Gardens', MMT News, 13 (2005). 


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Marylebone Gardens,
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