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Doulton Mausoleum

The mausoleum is constructed of red brick and terracotta. The reliefs, corbels with busts of angels and other moulded ornamentation are the work of Mark Marshall who was the chief artist at Doulton’s at this date. There are windows containing green glass protected with wrought iron grilles to either side, and windows glazed with rippled Venetian glass to the rear. The marble interior with its mosaic floor and ceiling can be seen through the clear glass panels in the decorative iron doors.


Harold Peto of George and Peto


Grade II (England and Wales)

Year Built



The mausoleum was commissioned by Sir Henry Doulton (1820 – 1897) following the death of his wife, Sarah, in 1888. He entered his father’s pottery in 1835 and, during his lifetime, greatly extended the size of the factory and range of its products. Around 1870 he invented the highly successful ‘Sgraffito’ ware; in 1885 he received the gold Albert medal of the Society of Arts; and, in 1887, he was knighted. In 1884 the architect, Harold Peto, had designed a terracotta mausoleum for Sir Henry Tate. Doulton now asked him to build something similar on an adjacent plot. Also interred in the mausoleum is Sir Henry’s son, Henry Lewis Doulton (d,1930) who took over the business after his father’s death.


Good, recently restored by RK Conservation and Design (2002).


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information supplied by RK Conservation and Design.


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West Norwood Cemetery (Plot 36),
Norwood Road,

SE27 9JU

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