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Chandos Mausoleum

The interior of the mausoleum was painted throughout by the Italians Francesco Sleter and Gaetano Brunetti, and the honey-coloured scheme of fictive architecture they created provides a marvellous setting for the huge white marble monument of the Duke of Chandos. The life-size figure of the Duke, dressed in Roman costume, is framed by pilasters carrying urns and, kneeling submissively on either side, are statues of his two wives. The monument was carved by Grinling Gibbons in 1718.


James Gibbs


Grade I (England and Wales)

Year Built



In 1709 James Brydges, Earl of Carnarvon and 1st Duke of Chandos (1674-1744) acquired the estate of Canons in Stanmore and, in 1713, set about transforming the medieval house into a magnificent mansion. During the course of this building campaign, which lasted some seven years, he also rebuilt much of the church of St Lawrence which came to resemble a private chapel. At this time a small family chapel was built adjacent to the north side of the chancel. But some twenty years later, in 1735-6, the Duke decided to build a far grander mausoleum and the earlier chapel now serves as the anteroom to this. Tablets in the anteroom commemorate Francis Brydges (d.1714), Henry Brydges (d.1728) and John, Marquess of Carnarvon (d.1727). The later mausoleum houses the monument to the Duke himself and his two wives, Mary (d.1712) and Cassandra (d.1735) as well as the tombs of Mary, wife of the 1st Marquess of Carnarvon, c.1738, and Margaret, Marchioness of Carnarvon, c.1760.


Good (2002)


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St Lawrence Church, Little Stanmore website
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